• Sunday , 18 February 2018
Good to be home

Good to be home

It really is great to be home.  I’ve just finished  working 12 days straight, some away from home and it’s utter bliss to be able to do whatever I please all day.

Starburst Square

And today that means settling down to some crochet while watching Federer and Djokovic slogging it out on Centre Court at Wimbledon.  I know it’s a hard life – but I’ll struggle through!

My club pattern for August 1st is the Starburst Square and I’m hooking some up ready to show you then.  I’m unsure what I’m making – maybe a bag.  We’ll see…  I’m loving these colours though; blue, cream and brown.  And did you  notice my lovely daisies at the back.  I do love a daisy and I found these artificial beauties in a gift shop in Stranraer last week.  Someone else is also rather fond…


Although I don’t think Sophie appreciates them in quite the same way that I do!


She certainly brightens my day!


Take care, and happy crocheting!


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