• Sunday , 18 February 2018
Glorious Inspiration

Glorious Inspiration

I have been gloriously inspired!


Rarely nowadays do I get the time to look at many other blogs; to be honest I tend to stay away as I like to concentrate on my own designs and I don’t want them to be influenced too much by the work of others.  Of course little nowadays is totally original, as there are only so many ways you can put together some stitches, but it’s important to me that what I design comes only from my experience and imagination.


However my bloglovin feed was overflowing with unread posts and with a cull in mind I started to go through them, but I was bewitched by this post here, and my inspiration this time was not to design something, but simply to make.


I love this pattern, particularly how the wonderfully talented Angie has done it and it was her very clear chart that I followed.  My colour choices came from my hen above – they remind me of summer; striped deck chairs, lusciously pastel ice creams, deep blue skies and sunshine.


After the first couple of rows the wonderfully easy pattern almost crocheted itself as I watched a film (or three!)


I’ve still a bit to do myself, but if you fancy something simple, fast growing and incredibly effective head over to http://www.lemondedesucrette.com/ and  make some amazing stripes of your own.


By the way the yarn I’m using is a mix of dk cotton/acrylic mixes and a 4 mm hook.


Happy crocheting!



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