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Granny Bobble Spiral

Granny Bobble Spiral

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As ever I use American crochet terms, 4 colours of dk yarn and in this case a 4 mm hook.

1. With 1st colour make a magic loop and chain 4.

2. Make bobble – (work 4 dc in magic loop, drop loop from hook; insert hook from front to back under  the top loops of the 1st dc worked; also catch dropped loop onto hook; holding  yarn tight pull loop through st to make a bobble).  Chain 3.  Pull up loop & drop from hook.


3. Attach next colour into magic loop and repeat stitches worked in the 1st colour – so chain 4, make bobble chain 3.  Again draw up the loop and drop from your hook.



4. Repeat with the last 2 colours and then tighten magic loop. You should have in each colour a chain 4, 1 bobble, and then chain 3.


5.  Insert hook back into 1st colour worked.

6. You are now going to work into the side of the chain 4 of the next colour on round 1 –

7. You will create the 1st corner; so (make bobble, chain 4, make bobble) then chain 3.  Pull up loop and drop from hook.

8.  Repeat with the other 3 colours…



9.  Pick up loop of 1st colour again and make bobble in next chain space. Chain 3.

10. Now create next corner in next chain space – so (make bobble, chain 4, make bobble) then chain 3.  Pull up loop and drop from hook.

11. Repeat rows 9 & 10 with other 3 colours.

12.  Carry on set pattern working a bobble and then a chain 3 in each side space and working a bobble, chain 4, another bobble in each corner, then chain 3. (usually when working spirals it is useful to use stitch markers so that you know where each colour on each row finishes, however as each colour on every row finishes with the corner bobbles you will always know when you have completed each row’s colour).  That made sense didn’t it!!!  no? hmmmmm



13. Carry on until your square is the size required.  To finish, make bobble in next chain space & chain 3.

14. The next bobble will be made with half double crochet stitches, so instead of dc 4, hdc 4.  When bobble is completed chain 3.


15. The next bobble will be made with single crochet stitches instead of dc.

16. To finish, slip stitch into top of next bobble.  Cut yarn and fasten off.


17. Repeat with other 3 colours.

And there you have it.  It’s a bit fiddly at first with lots of ends and loops, but once you get past the 2nd row and the pattern is set the only problem is keeping the 4 balls of wool untangled!


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