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Layered Daisy

Layered Daisy

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Project Description

Materials required –

Remnants of yarn, and an appropriately sized hook.  I made these samples with scraps of dk cotton yarn and a 4 mm hook, but if you have worsted/aran weight, or even chunky yarn, just use the size hook recommended on the yarn label.  However, you must be consistent and use the same weight of yarn for each part of the flower.

I use American crochet terminology, and standard abbreviations.  Numbers in brackets (1) refer to the numbered pictures in the collages.


1.  So with a 4 mm hook and some scraps of dk yarn…


2. Ch 4, join into a ring.  Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), dc 11 more into the ring, join with a sl st into top of ch 3 and fasten off.



3. Working into the back loops of the circle (1), [ch 3 (2), 2 tr into same st as ch 3 (3)], in next st work [2 tr, ch 3, sl st], then sl st into next st. (4)


4. Repeat this 5 times more to create 6 petals.  Fasten off.


5. Look on the back of the flower and note that by slip stitching from one stitch to the next between the petals, a loop has been formed at the back of the flower (1).  Taking the yarn colour for the second row of petals join into that loop (2) and ch 4 (3).  Join with a sl st into next loop between petals (4); carry on around the back of the flower another 5 times to make 6 chain loops (5).


6. Now sl st into the nearest chain loop and work *[ch 3, 5 tr, ch 3, sl st] into chain loop (1).  Sl st into next chain loop, and repeat from * making 6 petals in total. (2 & 3).  Fasten off.


You now have a double flower, very nice, but let’s add another row.

7. So as before, on the back of the flower (1) find the loop between the petals (2), join your yarn colour for round 3 (3) and ch 5, sl st into next loop between petals.  Repeat another 5 times to make 6 chain loops. (4).  Sl st in 1st chain loop and work *[ch 3, 6 tr, ch 3, sl st].  Sl st into next ch loop and repeat from * 5 more times.  Fasten off and weave in all ends.

2014-09-303So there you have it, an easy layered daisy to embellish whatever you fancy.  Enjoy!





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