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Honeycomb Ipad Air Sleeve

Honeycomb Ipad Air Sleeve

Project Details

Project Description

You will need 1 ball of Stylecraft Special DK in Graphite (1063)

4 mm hook

A button of your choice to close the sleeve.

Scissors & a sewing needle to darn in ends.

This pattern uses standard crochet abbreviations and is written using US crochet terminology.  

This pattern fits an Ipad Air or other tablet with a 9.7 inch screen.

Hexagon Motif

1. ch 4 and join into a ring with a sl st.

2. ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 11 more dc into ring.  Join with a sl st into top of ch 3.

3. ch 3 (counts as 1st dc: *2 dc in next st, rep from *10 more times.  1 dc into same st as ch 3.  Join with a sl st into top of ch 3.

4. ch 2 (count as a hdc), *sc, ch 1, miss a st, sc, [hdc, 2 ch, hdc] in next st; rep from * 4 times, sc, ch 1, miss a st, sc, hdc into same st as 1st ch 2, ch 2.  Join with a sl st into top of ch 2.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Construction Row 1:  Make a row of 3 hexagons using the join as you go method.  Using the photograph below as a guide fold the hexagons in half horizontally as you can see in the bottom row of hexagons.


Construction Row 2: You can then work another row of 6 hexagons directly above the 3 hexagon base row, again joining as you go.

Construction Row 3: Work another row of 6 hexagons directly above row 2.

Construction Row 4: Work another row of 6 hexagons directly above row 3.

Construction Row 5: Work another row of 6 hexagons directly above row 4.

You will now have a sleeve made up of 27 hexagons.

Fill in Row to Straighten Top Edge

1. Join yarn into ch 2 space at top of the middle hexagon on one side as below.  ch 1, sc in same space.


Working down the 1st slope: [sc, hdc] tog, 2 dc, [dc, tr] tog (working the tr in the ch 2 space).

Working up the next slope: [tr, dc] tog (working the tr into the ch 2 space), 2 dc, [hdc, sc] tog.  Then work a sc into top point ch 2 space.

Repeat these instructions working around the top of the sleeve and omitting the last sc in the ch 2 space as you get back to the beginning and joining into the starting sc with a sl st.

(54 sts)


Next row: ch 1, sc in same st. sc in each st around.  Join into top of starting sc with a sl st.  (54 sts).

Repeat previous row once more. Do not fasten off.

Making the button loop

First of all sew your button wherever you want in the middle of your sleeve.  You could choose the center of the top middle hexagon (this was my preference)  –


Or you could choose to put it below this.  It’s entirely your choice.


Button Loop Construction 1: Pick up your loop from before and work 1 sl st to get back nearer the center.  Then work as many chains as you need so that your chain loop will fit snugly around your button and back up to the top edge when stretched slightly.  I needed to work 16 chains (my tension is fairly firm) to stretch my chains around my button placement.  Miss the next st, join with a sl st into next st.  Turn.

Button Loop Construction 2: Work 16 (or the same number of chains you previously worked) sc into the button loop.  Join with a sl st into the base of the chain loop.  Fasten off and weave in all ends.IMG_2894 IMG_2886 IMG_2889


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