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Bobble Square

Bobble Square

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Project Description

You will need…

3 colours of dk yarn.

4 mm hook

This pattern is written using US crochet terminology and standard abbreviations.

n.b. ch 3 when working the 1st dc in a round.



  1. With centre bobble colour; ch 3.
  2. Working in 3rd ch from hook make bobble by working 5 incomplete trebles as follows –
  3. *yarn round hook twice, push hook through ch, yo and pull through, yo and pull through 2 loops, yo and pull through 2 loops (2 loops left on hook); rep from * 4 more times (each incomplete treble leaves another loop on the hook, so after working 5 incomplete trebles you will have 6 loops on your hook).
  4. yo and pull through all 6 loops on hook.
  5. ch 2 and then work a sl st into same ch st as bobble.  Fasten off.  You will now have an inside out bobble with a ch 2 loop at each side.

Join 2nd colour…

  1. Join 2nd colour into stitch at top of bobble.  ch 1, 2 sc into same st; 4 sc into ch 2 loop, 2 sc into bottom of bobble, 4 sc into ch 2 loop.  Join to 1st sc with a sl st and fasten off.  You can now push the bobble out to the front.

Join 3rd colour…

  1. Working in the back loops only work 2 dc into each st.   Join to 1st dc with a sl sts.  (24 sts)
  2. *(dc, ch 2 dc) in same st, hdc, sc, ch 1, miss a st, sc, hdc; rep from * 3 times more.  Join with a sl st to top of 1st dc.  Fasten off.


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