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Archie’s Spirals

Archie’s Spirals

Project Details

Project Description

You will need…

2 x 50g balls of James C Brett Cotton On in Cream

1 x 50 ball each of 3 contrast colours of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK

Alternative yarns could be used but use a thicker weight yarn for your contrast spirals.

4 mm hook

A stitch marker – or a safety pin will do

This pattern is written using US Crochet terminology and standard abbreviations.




With cream cotton on yarn, make a magic loop, ch 1 and work 4 sc into loop [1]; place marker/safety pin in top of 1st sc [2]; work 4 hdc into loop [3]; work 4 dc into loop and pull up magic loop [4].


Remove marker from 1st sc; AND WORKING IN THE BACK LOOPS ONLY, work 2 dc into the back loop of the 1st sc, placing marker into top of 1st dc [1]; carry on around to marker working 2 dc into each st [2], 24 sts.


Remove marker from next st; AND CONTINUING TO WORK IN THE BACK LOOPS ONLY, {(2 dc in next st), 1 dc} 4 times, {(2 hdc in next st), 1 hdc} 4 times, {(2 sc in next st) 1 sc} 4 times [1].  YOU WILL NOW WORK ALL STITCHES UNDER BOTH LOOPS – sl st into next st [2].


Create hexagon; (sc, ch 3, hdc) into next st (counts as hdc, ch 2 hdc), 2 sc, ch 1, miss next st, 2 sc [1]; *(hdc, ch 2, hdc) in next st,  2 sc, ch 1, miss next st, 2 sc; rep from * 4 times.  Join with a sl st and fasten off.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF THE MAGIC CIRCLE AT THIS STAGE. [2]


Look at how the unworked front loops form a spiral into the centre [1], we will make the contrast spiral by working sc sts into these loops.  So start by putting your hook under the outer unworked front loop of the spiral [2], attach your contrast yarn and ch 1 [3].  Work 1 sc into each loop [4].


Carry on working your sc sts until you reach the centre.  Cut the yarn and pull out the loop [1].  Bring your hook through the centre hole from underneath [2], catch your free end and pull through to the back [3].  Do the same with the other end.  Fasten these off at the back and finally close your magic loop fastening it off securely.  First spiral hexagon made [4].


To make a small baby lap blanket like this one make 52 hexagons in total and join them as in the picture above.  The hexagons are designed to be ‘joined as you go’, but it would be fine if your prefer to sew them together.  If you do this I wouldn’t work the (ch 1, miss st) on each of the hexagon’s sides instead just working the corner sts and then 5 sc down each side.  However you decide to join the hexagons, the design will look better if you  join each hexagon randomly so that each spiral starts at a different place instead of the spirals uniformly spiraling the same way.

In the final blanket the top and bottom edges will be straight and the side edges will be chevrons.  To do this 8 half (filler) hexagons are needed for the top and bottom (4 on each).  To make the half hexagons…


With cream yarn, ch 4, work 6 dc into 4th ch from hook (7 sts) [1]; TURN; ch 2 (counts as 1st hdc), (work  2 hdc into next st) 6 times (13 sts) [2]; TURN, ch 2 (counts as 1st hdc), {(2 hdc into next st), 1 hdc} 6 times (19 sts) [3]; TURN; (ch 4, hdc into same st) – counts as 1st hdc, ch 2, hdc; 2 sc, ch 1, miss a st, 2 sc,  *(hdc, ch 2, hdc) in next st,  2 sc, ch 1, miss next st, 2 sc, rep from * once more, (hdc, ch 2, hdc) in last st.  Fasten off. [4].


Make 8 half hexagons in total, joining 4 at the top edge and 4 at the bottom edge.


To edge the blanket, with cream yarn, join in a ch 2 space at a corner before a chevron side [1]; work 7 sc up to top ch sp [2], work sc, ch 2, sc into ch sp [3], work 7 sc down the other side of the point [4]; sc 2 together (working the 2 sc in the left and right ch loops below) [5], work 7 sc up the next chevron [6].


Carry along the chevron side working 7 scs along each slope and then (sc, ch 2, sc) in each top chain space and working 2 sc together at the bottom of each chevron until you reach the side ch sp.  (sc, ch 2, sc) into this ch sp [1]; work 7 sc along the side of the 1st hexagon and then another sc in it’s ch loop at the end [2]; work 15 sc along the side of the half hexagon (work the first 7 sc on the right hand side, 1 sc in the centre space, and then another 9 sc along the left hand side of the half hexagon [3]; carry on around as set until you reach the beginning.  Join with a sl st to the beginning sc and fasten off [4].


With a contrast colour join into the chain space before a chevron side; (ch 3, sc) – counts as 1st sc, ch 2, sc [1]; work 7 sc down chevron [2]; work 3 sc together at bottom of chevron [3]; work 7 sc back up chevron and then (sc, ch 2 sc) in chain space [4]; carry on as set along chevron sides [5 & 6]; work around the whole blanket working chevron sides as set, (sc, ch 2, sc) in the corners and sc along the straight sides.  Finish the contrast round with a sl st and fasten off.


Repeat the last round as many times as you like; I just worked 1 more round in another contrast colour working in the back loops only.  Fasten off and tidy all ends.


The finished blanket is great for using over a bouncy chair, in a car seat or over the lap in a pushchair, but if you want a bigger blanket just make more hexagons and repeat the edge sts all the way around.


I hope you enjoy Archie’s Spirals 🙂


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