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Almond Blossom Bag

Almond Blossom Bag

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This is a special project using my Lily Pad Hexagons, but I thought it deserved to be a pattern in it’s own right taking into consideration the construction and lining (…yes, sewing too!!!)  Don’t let this put you off however; as the hexagons are quite solid and the bag would not necessarily need to be lined…  it just gives it more support.

So if you are tempted to give this a go you will need to crochet 13 Lily Pad Hexagons http://psicrochet.com/portfolio-items/lily-pad-hexagons/

Sew 11 of them together as in the picture below –

The top and bottom of the image above will be the sides of the bag and the left and right will be the top edges (I haven’t photographed it but the round handles will fit into the indents the hexagons make at each side).

Notice the top and bottom edges form a zig-zag – below I have numbered one side –


To construct the bag take another Lily Pad Hexagon and sew it to the main piece above along sides 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (using all 6 sides, it will enclose the hexagon completely), and then sew side 1 to side 8.  Repeat with the other hexagon at the other side.  You should now have a ‘bag’ shape; attach your yarn to any stitch in the top edge of the bag and work a single crochet into every double crochet and chains around the top edge – in the inner corners of the hexagon shape at the front and the back single crochet 2 together and similarly at the top of the hexagon ‘points’ work [2 single crochet into 1st chain, chain 1, 2 single crochet into 2nd chain]

To attach the round handles, look at the image above and see that the round handle will fit between the 3 hexagon ‘sides’ of the front and the back of the bag.  To attach hold the bag the opposite way to the picture above, with the body of the bag towards you and the open top of the bag away from you; join your yarn into the chain stitch in the middle of the hexagon point to the right of where you will attach the handle.  You will now work a single crochet into each stitch around the 3 sides and as you work these stitches you will work over the handle – this ‘catches in’ the handle and secures it to the bag.  To illustrate this –

Insert your hook into the next stitch and hold the handle above the stitch.

Catch your yarn around the hook.

And pull through the stitch.  Now working over the handle, yarn around hook again.

And pull through both loops to finish the single crochet.

Carry on around the 3 hexagon sides.

Finish off with a slip stitch into the chain of the hexagon point to the left of the handle.  Attach other handle on opposite side in the same way. Weave in all ends.

To line the bag; I am not an expert seamstress by any means and there may be a more professional way of making a lining for this bag, but this is the way I cobbled a lining together and I’m pretty happy with it.

Before you attach all the hexagons together as above, make a template of one of the hexagons – I did this very un-scientifically by drawing around one –

Cut this template out and use it to reproduce on your lining fabric the layout of the first 11 hexagons used in the construction of the bag –

I’m sorry for the rubbish photo, but you should just be able to make out the 11 hexagons.  I also drew around 2 single hexagons.

I then marked a 1/4 inch seam allowance around each shape, getting to use my quilters rule for the first time!  Worth every penny…


I then cut these out around the seam allowances.

Constructed in the same way as the crocheted bag above, and with some muttering and the odd curse, I machine stitched the separate hexagons to the main body of the bag.



The top edges I then folded down the seam allowances and ironed closed with wonder web – I cut notches in the fabric to enable this –


I then pinned the lining into the crocheted bag, and machine stitched to attach, working from the inside.


I then crocheted the handles on as above and voila!!!!!

One Almond Blossom Bag –


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